Jaime A. Lozano -

Is a long time promoter of Resource Management in the private and public sector.

Jaime has implemented educational and conservation programs including collection and re-constitution (value-added) as commodities of “wasted” material for use as Feedstock.

A founding member of the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition (SBBEC), Jaime chaired the Board of Directors  for six (6) years.

He took Carson City from a negative compliance of 147% diversion to a positive 72% in only four (4) years winning a Congressional Award then moved on to Hawthorne where Jaime managed their non-compliant program to greater than 50% diversion in a very short time.

As an expert in municipal and business environmental issues, Jaime has been called upon by the U.S. State Department to advise many countries in Europe, Central and South America including Sri Lanka, Argentina and the former Soviet Union.

Jaime is approachable and goes out of his way to help and encourage clear understanding of environmental issues and has been instrumental in bringing community leaders, businesses and environmentalists together to make great strides on environmental issues.

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