Webmaster Note: On February 22, 2019, Jaime A. Lozano passed away!

As a close friend of many years and a mentor on environmental issues, I'm keeping this site up as a tribute to Jaime and the contribution he made to all of us (usually working behind the scenes). Jaime and I founded the Business Environmental Coalition together. An organization focused on helping businesses have a voice in overreaching environmental regulations. ~Chuck Peavey



"It's time to take ownership of our planet. People all over the world are expecting someone else to fix this environmental 'stuff.' But, the reality is we are all stewards of this planet, it is up to all of us."


We do not have the luxury of time to wait. We must NOW start fixing the symptoms of the problem we have all created in our environment. While politicians argue over 'global warming' our oceans fill with plastic which is not only toxic to sealife but is being mistaken for food.

Plastic polution in our oceans continues to grow daily. Only Maracaibo locals are aware of the "Black Ball of Death" in Venezuela's Lake Zulia. We can fix the contamination but we need to help people shift how they treat the environment. We can not continue to disrespect mother nature by pouring fecal waste, chemican runoff and oil discharge into our drinking water and oceans without expecting dire consequences.

The key is education and involvement of the business community. I've addressed these issues in Venezuela, El Salvador, Poland, India Sri Lanka, Kazakhastan and many other communities world wide and not only is the problem the same, the solution is always the same... Awareness and a plan!

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